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Aug 13, 2013 10:00am EDT
. in 1963 in mississippi, john stepped between angry protesters and armed police to prevent a potential massacre after the murder of medgar evers. and was the kind of lawyer later he was. years later, he gave me a photo with an inscription from tennyson's ulysses. to strive, to seek to a find, and not to yield. our nation's greatness is not a birthright. it must be earned by every generation. i am confident that we can earn it for this time. we are at our best one we live -- when we live our values, including our devotion to democracy and protection under the rule of law when we widen that circle of opportunity and extend dignity to all of our citizens. i believe strongly that that is what is called for today. have is no group that i more confidence in being able to rise and meet that challenge than the lawyers of america and particularly, the american bar association. thank you all very much. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> denied, on c-span's encore presentation of first ladies --
Aug 14, 2013 2:00pm EDT
that ownership to local community leaders. this is in mississippi. the incredible architecture led the recovery effort, and what he did was didn't say we're rebuilding your community, but we're coming in to rebuild with your community, and that rebuilding center is now an economic development center. is us in a nutshell; right? this is when people ask what do architects do? this is us. the reality is that it's value. i'm going to go through a bunch of projects quickly to talk value. what value do we bring? the value of safety, anyone in a tough neighborhood understands what safety and security and security brings. here we are. the roughest neighborhood in south africa with the highest instance of violence murder, rapes, and violence crime. ddpu, rather than saying, hey, we want to do a do-good project, but -- put it by the highways. there's a tactical approach of urban planning, seeing where the areas were, and that's where we go, doing urban a.q. puncture -- acupuncture. we ended up in a park that has -- basically a park where women were raped, murdered, and dumped for decades, an
Al Jazeera America
Aug 21, 2013 8:30am EDT
found out firsthand by traveling to the mississippi delta that something as simple challenge. ♪ ♪ keep your boom boom boom like nobody do ♪ ♪ keep your boom boom boom like nobody do ♪ >> it is often called the birthplace of the blues. these swing sounds are a welcome distraction from the region's joblessness and sparse access to health care. >> a lot of people who need insurance don't have it. i had to be one of them. >> with the fewest working family doctors per capita in the nation, many of these areas have trouble seeing a physician. they average one primary care physician forever 1700 people, worse. >> it's a hard place to live. >> in 2011, just one primary care doctor was registered in sharky county. in humphry's county where more than 9,000 people live, there were two doctors. >> there is not public transportation so people have trouble getting to providers, and you don't have a large number of providers, in particular specialists. >> so we're driving through the mississippi delta right now, and if you look around you can get a sense of how rural this place is
Aug 30, 2013 3:30pm PDT
west the place that will be the biggest building west of mississippi where high-speed rail will be there so transportation can bring all of the people from all over california to compliment the style of those two towers arrest i'm looking forward of seeing the design and the architect terry. i'm trying to not miss pronounce that name. but i will say too it's more meaningful to have partner particle from china. that's meaningful to me it will represent our future in tourism in the enlightened challenge of students and there the leadership will open up a lot of conversations with our businesses and argue resident in china to compliment what's going on in san francisco. i can't wait to see those up and in 2015 will be here how we work with all our agencies the particular reason to the d b i and the oothsz other agencies to make sure we compliment not only great transportation and neighborhoods this will be so inspiring for the rest of the country. congratulations to the partnership with china and also carl thank you for being such a great partner. you were there when the city was so s
Aug 21, 2013 11:00pm EDT
several historical novels he spoke from the more than an hour in jackson, mississippi. >> the reason for me to be in jackson this time more so than in the weather is what took place about 40 miles west of here which is what i want to talk about tonight at vicksburg. i mean, this is quite a story and it is a story that some people around here don't know. that is great fun for me, but i need to start out talking about something that i always mention. whenever i am doing in the event like this, i am quite sure that at least some of you have some interest in the civil war for one reason because some time many years ago you wrote a book called the killer angels. every time i say that people not there had. if you have no idea what that is , that's okay. is not required. we will explain it to you. threatened by my father, cannot in 1974. it is the story of the battle of gettysburg. now, with the killer angels' is not is the history of the battle of gettysburg. this is not a history book will. it's a story as told to you from the characters themselves. the people is decisions determine that
Aug 11, 2013 2:40am EDT
transform that ownership to local community leaders. this is biloxi, mississippi. an incredible architect helped lead recovery effort. he did not not say we are coming into rebuild your community, he said we are building with you. that is an economic development center. this is us in a nutshell. but the reality is, it is value. i will go through a bunch of projects and talk about value. what value do we bring. the value of safety. anybody who has lived in a tough neighborhood understands what safety brings, security brings. here we are. in the roughest neighborhood in south africa with the highest incident of murder, rape, violent crimes. working with an incredible unit which is violence prevention rather than saying we want to do a do good project, let's put it by the highway so a celebrity sponsor can drive in and cut a ribbon and go, they look at a tactical approach. figuring out the most dangerous areas and that is where we go. we do urban acupuncutre and we put in a magnificent building. we ended up in a park where women were raped and dumped for decades. across the street from the s
Aug 23, 2013 11:00pm EDT
assassinations the whole climate faugh -- it was not here because she was beaten in mississippi. the shares sold the black inmate , either we be hurt horribly you. so 200 demonstrations around the country. a public accommodation bill. the right to vote. chicago fair housing. the poor people's campaign to end the war in vietnam. now that made the case. we took poverty from 32 percent down to 12 from under lyndon johnson. by the way, drained his pain that johnson had more background and civil rights. only to become the most prolific solarized legislator in the history of our country. only lincoln compares with lyndon johnson. lyndon johnson was 64. the voting rights act of 65, day care, child care, workers' feeding program, appellation, original counsel, all of that is lbj. too seldom mentioned that major conventions of democrats today. no democratic record matches that of lyndon baines johnson. now, i would make this appeal, and i do close, one is that the speech was always around this day. the high moment of the dream and the low moment of memphis. and in the last staff meeting it we
Aug 6, 2013 2:00am EDT
delivery and underserved parts of the mississippi belt. it is about flea increasing literacy rates basically eliminating gender disparity in educational aspects and one fact of the progress is almost completely unappreciated in the last is the way that access to higher education includes a status iranian women. especially that westerners would consider this unacceptable in their own societies and the majority of universities are now female. the majority of them are now female. and women's presence is now felt across many disciplines. notwithstanding, we had this with no direct connection on the ground and a cadre of so-called iran experts, many of whom are ex-patriots were iranian americans will flood the revolution in don't see the islamic public. they continue to misinterpret the iranian politics. telling us that the system is on the verge of collapse. we will continue to lose ground in the middle east. and a good example in 2009 we will have an office of wishful thinking on the green movement that emerged out of this campaign, it is solving america's strategic problem for the mi
Aug 31, 2013 3:00am EDT
the burden on the women. we went out one time to mississippi. we were there, and then we went out to birmingham, alabama, and we heard the same story time and again. a woman being abused. a neighbor or woman calls up, and guess who goes to jail. the person who called them because they say that woman does not have papers. what does law enforcement do? that is why you have to separate law enforcement from immigration policy. the police are there to protect the people. they have to protect the women and the families.[applause] it is fine and dandy to talk about safety, but we have to understand just how safety really has a corrosive effect. the police, their cars are important to them to protect them. their guns are important to them. their communication, their training is important, but the most important tool, instrument that the police have is the people and the cooperation of the people. when you pass immigration law to criminalize all emigrants and-- immigrants and make them fear the police, you make all of us less safe and you make us all a nation in which we perpetrate injustice
Aug 5, 2013 2:00am EDT
know it, all the coors light east of the mississippi is brewed here in milwaukee. i am appreciative of that. note, in addition to wishing all of you safe travels, most of you will fly out of general mitchell international airport which is just a few minutes down the way. i will be departing to go just a couple minutes south of that. a suburb of milwaukee. on august 5 of last year, a year from tomorrow, we lost lives at that sikh temple and today we will be memorializing those six lives. i appreciate those who reached out, i appreciate that. but we are not just going to be met -- remembering the lives of our loss. in a real sense, we will be celebrating the unity i saw not just from the members of that temple but the larger camepolitan community that together and supported them. the shining example they have wisconsinll of us in -- the old adage that martin luther king did, hatred does not drive out hatred, only love does. we certainly saw that in the sikh community and they inspired us all. we will depart -- will be departing for that in a little bit. >> i am pleased if you could pa
Aug 16, 2013 11:00pm EDT
california or new york but louisiana, mississippi. >> that is the important point the interesting immigration graphic you would hear from the experts later but traditionally immigrants have shunned the south of man has been a problem that now use the dixie's like north carolina wednesday with the biggest percentage increase is georgia. that has become the high-growth state to the point where people ask our immigrants more attracted to a state with high welfare benefits or to the state that has jobs? what we have found is on balance democrats are more likely to go to low unemployment rates than with high welfare benefits which is the important timing because people are coming here because they want a job the. >> and it does make sense if you leave your country. >> it does make sense but there is so many people on the other side of this issue that the immigrants come here for welfare. some do but the vast majority do not. >> a very important point. >> so now with the international experts the author of a chapter of the bush institutes solutions looking at growth and immigration and
Search Results 650 to 660 of about 661